Choosing Your Tattoo Color

Tattoos are an art and a form of business. It generates billions of dollars every year and keeps on booming as tattoo trends keep popping up. Different colors blend with different people. Fashion consultants and makeup artists must consider your skin tone to accessorize you properly. Some combinations of colors work with certain jewelry and clothes while others don’t. It is important to know your sense of fashion and style. When you understand your style and what makes you confident, you can feel great each and every day. An example of a tattoo style many consider is the black and grey tattoo style.

Before embarking on having a tattoo, you must consult with the experts first. An experienced tattoo artist will advise which color combinations and schemes will work for you in a long while. Also, whether the tattoo is temporary or permanent, your expert will advise on the best color options. Remember that the tattoo is inked in the dermis, the second layer of skin that produces melanin. You would not want a tragic permanent tattoo that will cost you thousands to get rid of cosmetic surgery. Here are a few of the tattoo colors for different skin tones;

Dark skin tones

Dark-skinned people have darker melanin; hence, some of the best colors for them to choose from are blue, red, and black. These colors pop very nicely, and they can choose from more vivid colors or muted colors with accents, depending on their preferences.

Medium skin tones

Those who are medium brown may opt for colors such as green and similar colors. Moreover, darker colors like black, blue, purple, and red blend with medium-dark skin tones. With the advice of a tattoo artist, different shades may work for you. An artist may decide to add details or accents with lighter colors.

Light or fair skin tones

Lighter-skin-toned people may opt to select muted colors such as white, pink, and violet to obtain a subtle look. They may also add bold color accents in more vivid colors.

The effect of sun exposure

The color of the skin changes after many hours of exposure to the sun. Tattoo ink tends to be more consistent on exposed skin under the sun. Consulting with the tattoo artist will enable you to know how your skin color will change.


Some pointers to remember are that you can get a temporary tattoo before the permanent one. The temporary tattoo gives you room to change and adjust the pattern and design it with different colors. Also, some colors may not match the designs you want. This can be frustrating, making you choose another design or color combination. Moreover, remember to check the ingredients of ink. Some colors are hard to come by and may require a mixture that may be harmful and cause an allergic reaction.

Also, unknown to many people, colors have meanings. Yellow tends to convey happiness, while pink conveys warmth. Remember to consult with the tattoo artist about the color, design, pattern, and font you select.

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