Considering Microtia Treatment with Living Tissue

When a child is born with microtia, it is challenging to understand the reasons behind it. Several questions pop up in the minds of the new parents. Some may even blame themselves for their child’s condition. There is a lot to study and understand whether microtia is genetic or has any other factors to play a role. The good part is there is some information available and treatment options are available. A Microtia surgeon can help revive the condition and offer naturally-looking results to the ear or ears.

Living tissue for microtia repair

When the external ear or pinna is not developed properly at birth, it is referred to as microtia. This is a congenital anomaly that can affect either one ear or both ears in a child. There are two techniques of treatment practiced by experts.

1.      Living tissue that is extracted from the child’s ribs

2.      The MEDPOR technique consists of a high-density polyethylene framework and surgically attaches to the area of treatment

Extracting living tissue and using it for microtia treatment offers a natural-looking result and is considered a more preferred option. Furthermore, the benefits of living tissue are also endless.

More life-like feeling

Microtia surgeons make use of both reconstruction repair techniques based on the case history of the patient and the requirements. The motive of the reconstruction surgery is to offer a natural-looking ear or ears. Using living tissue, no doubt offers a natural look. The MEDPOR technique also does justice to the motive behind the reconstruction. But using living tissue gives a more life-like feeling, especially when touched. This must be given importance especially when a child grows and is into forming relationships, and starts dating.

Better and more longevity

It is a well-known fact that living tissue lasts a lifetime. Furthermore, living tissue can also maintain its shape forever without the need to undergo any further reconstruction. On the other hand, the MEDPOR technique in the microtia repair treatment is relatively new. There is much more to be known and experiments to be done with the new treatment option. Moreover, living tissue is an organic option that every microtia surgeon across the globe prefers over the MEDPOR technique.

Less susceptible to any infection

The best part about ear reconstruction surgery is that it doesn’t usually involve infections. Even if there is a percentage of chance of infections, using living tissue is a better option than the MEDPOR. This is because living tissue is less prone to any kind of infection and has more adaptability in healing naturally. The body is more accommodating to the microtia repair using human tissue.


There are several benefits of using living tissue to treat microtia. The only drawback seems to be the downtime after the surgery. One has to spend a few more weeks in the hospital when living tissue is used rather than the MEDPOR technique. But the benefits surpass the single drawback and every microtia surgeon favors the organic treatment method despite the longer healing process.


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