Essential Facts About Hair Transplant You Need To Know

At some point in life, men may experience hair loss. However, it’s not advisable to visit a hair transplant doctor’s office when you start seeing signs of baldness. You can try other preventative treatments before opting for transplant. Surgery should be your last option.

Fortunately, there are many supplements, conditioners, vitamins, and shampoos that you can use to improve your scalp’s help. Also, you need to look for ways of reducing DHT (dihydrotestosterone) because it’s the main factor that causes hair loss. This article highlights some important thing you need to know about hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Costs

Hair transplant surgeries may cost about $4000 to $7000 and may be as expensive as $22000 depending on the number of grafts you need – found out more here. Your surgeon may require you to pay $5 for FUT follicles, and $7 for FUE follicles.

Who’s Eligible For Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant isn’t limited to anyone. Instead, an individual needs to be healthy to be eligible for the operation. Furthermore, if lack of hair is affecting your life that you can’t socialize with people or has plunged you into stress, you need to visit your doctor and ask them to advise you about therapy and hair transplant.

It’s also very essential to meet your surgeon before you decide to have a transplant. That way, you’ll know if your health will support the transplant. Your surgeon will also advise you on any treatments to undertake before going through the procedure.

Ways Of Finding A Reputable Surgeon

For your transplant to be successful, you need to find a professional surgeon and not some random doctor depending on influences to run attractive advertising campaigns on social media platforms.

Professional surgeons will offer you surgery as a last option. Recommendations from friends and family members can help you identify a reputable surgeon. However, you can also find these surgeons from the IAHRS database.

IAHRS is a global organization that enrols doctors who’re disciplined in their operations. If you don’t have any hair surgeon within your locality, you can simply do a Google search to find those near you. If they’re in another city, you may have to travel to access their services. It’s advisable to shortlist potential surgeons and examine the success rate of their surgeries.

Negative and positive media mentions, reviews, and patient testimonials can help you know more about their surgeries. Once you find a surgeon you feel is reputable, plan a meeting with them. Research some questions you’ll ask them and request for before and after patient photos. Also, ask them about their patient care practices and gauge their expertise and professionalism.

What Happens During The First Consultation?

During your first visit, your doctor will give you a medical a medical questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire is about your medical history, general health, and the treatments you’ve undergone in the past. The surgeon should examine your scalp to know the type of hair loss and determine to what extent you’ve lost your hair. That’ll enable them to advise you on the most appropriate action to take.

Bottom Line

Hair transplant is a great way to replace hair that you may have lost because of baldness or DHT. However, you need to know more about it to understand what you’re getting yourself into.

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