Get an Effective FIX24 Chiropractic Treatment for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a type of narrowing in the spinal column that causes the nerves to be pulled too tightly against each other this compression can make it difficult for the nerves to send signals through the spine, affecting movement and coordination.

If left untreated, this condition can also lead to nerve root impingement and spinal cord compression, chiropractors are trained to identify and treat conditions such as spinal stenosis.

What is Spinal Stenosis? 

This is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal column caused by osteoarthritis, histiocytosis, inflammatory disease, or a non-specific process.

The spinal cord is situated within the spinal canal, and it is surrounded by the spinal ligaments these ligaments are responsible for supporting the spinal cord and the nerve roots.

There are a few conditions that can result in spinal stenosis:

Rheumatoid arthritis and histiocytosis a cancer of the immune system are two examples of these, furthermore, spinal stenosis is also known as spinal canal stenosis and vertebrobasilar insufficiency.

Spinal stenosis can affect both the cervical and lumbar regions of the spine which can result in spinal stenosis symptoms. 

How Chiropractic Care Treats Spinal Stenosis

Chiropractors use spinal manipulation as an alternative form of treatment this involves manipulating the spine in order to unblock and realign the spinal nerves.

Manipulating the spine can also help to reduce pain and restore the function of the nerve roots, spinal manipulation is generally performed on an outpatient basis the patient visits the chiropractor for a specific session during which the spine is manipulated.

Spinal manipulation is often performed using a table, the table is placed at the patient’s head height, with the back resting against the table and the legs hanging off the side. Chiropractic care is considered to be non-invasive therapy, as it does not involve any surgery or invasive procedures such as injections. 

Which Chiropractors treat Spinal Stenosis?

There are certain factors to consider before you approach a chiropractor for spinal stenosis treatment, you need to first establish whether he or she is an experienced practitioner in the field and has a strong record of success.

You can find this information on the FIX24 chiropractor’s website, you can also ask your physician whether he or she has any experience with a particular chiropractor, in this way, you will be able to choose the right practitioner for spinal stenosis treatment.

Next, you need to check if the chiropractor you are considering is board-certified in the field of spinal care, if a chiropractor is not board-certified, you will have a much harder time getting results with your treatment.

You can also find information on what types of treatments the chiropractor offers and his or her approach in general. 

Exercises To Do in Daily Life for Spinal Stenosis Treatment

  • Appropriate stretching exercises
  • Stretching exercises should be included in daily life routines in order to keep the spine healthy and avoid any issues with mobility.
  • Avoid sitting
  • Sitting is a serious risk factor for spinal stenosis, so, if you have the tendency to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, you should try to minimize it.
  • Avoid excessive lifting
  • Exercises and daily activities require different levels of strength and power, if you lift heavy objects regularly or engage in lifting activities away from home, you can have an increased risk of developing spinal stenosis.
  • Practice Pilates – This exercise system helps to develop strength and flexibility in the spin, it can also be used to assist in reducing the risk of developing spinal stenosis.

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