How nurses can build strong relationships with effective communication

Great communication is essential to providing a high level of patient care. When communications break down, a medical facility can suffer in each department.

With good communication, patients are more likely to establish long-term patient-doctor relationships because these types of relationships require trust and a certain level of comfort.

Communication instills trust in the patient and their families

Medical situations can result in a lot of worry and uncertainty. When there is an effective line of communication, patients and their families may feel more at ease.

It is better for everyone if patients and their families trust those providing their medical care. Always carefully explaining everything and finding answers is important to establishing trust. If you are not forthcoming with information and cannot provide a good explanation for why an answer is not available, then patients or family members may think you are either not doing your job or hiding something concerning their health status.

Effective communication reduces mistakes and miscommunications

Mistakes that are dangerous to patient health are more likely to occur when there is no effective communication system at a medical facility. Since hospitals took the initiative to improve communications between staff members, mistakes, such as incorrect medications being given or even the wrong treatment, have been reduced.

Miscommunication is a major reason for dissatisfaction in a medical setting. Miscommunication can occur between medical staff and patients alike. At the very least, this wastes a lot of time and takes away from the level of care that staff can provide. At worst, treatments can be delayed, or ongoing resentments and dissatisfaction in the workplace can occur.

Excellent communication helps draw patients to your medical facility and keeps them there

The reputation of a medical facility is very important to gaining patients and keeping them there. If people hear bad things about a medical establishment online or through friends and family, then they are not likely to find out for themselves if they have a choice in the matter. On the other hand, if you gain the trust of one person, they are likely to recommend your facility to others.

When medical facilities have a lot of established patients, they can provide a higher level of care because they get to know a patient’s medical history and concerns rather than starting from scratch with new patients every time.

Communication skills are gained over time

The University of Indianapolis can help you gain the communication skills you need to excel at any medical facility. The MSN-AGPCNP program prepares you to take care of older adults in particular. This field is in high demand due to the high population of aging adults throughout the country.

By earning an advanced degree now, you can fast-track your career and be ready for the amazing opportunities that the medical community has to offer skilled healthcare workers in the future.


Finding ways to improve communication at medical facilities will offer benefits to everyone. Great communication means that staff can offer a high level of care and create an atmosphere of trust and understanding between patients and staff.

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