Preventing Headaches: Follow These 5 Tips & Suggestions

It is impossible to predict when you will have a headache, but for some people, there are certain predictable triggers. For instance, if someone has a history of sinus attacks, they know being in spaces that have too much of dust or allergens can trigger pain. There are clinics like National Headache Institute that offer comprehensive treatment plans for chronic headaches. Here are some basic suggestions worth following!

  • Maintain a headache journal. While this is not a solution or treatment for your headaches, but maintaining a journal will help you identify the triggers. Suffering from a headache once a week may not seem much, but this is preventable with a treatment plan, especially if you have migraine. Keep a note of other small details, like the food you ate that day, where you had gone, or if you had done a strenuous exercise session.
  • Focus on your posture. Yes, you read that right. In order to fight headaches, your posture is actually very important. If your work demands you to look at a screen all through the day, ensure that your eyes are away from the screen for at least 15 seconds after every hour.
  • Hydration helps. It is well-known that water can be useful for preventing headaches. You need more water during the day than the standard 8 glasses, especially if you are into extensive exercising, or live in a weather that’s hot and humid. Focus on your hydration levels during the day without fail.

  • Take enough rest. If you don’t sleep enough every day, or have insomnia, you are more likely to suffer from headaches. Consider sleeping for at least eight hours each day, and if you cannot, just take naps in between. That really helps in easing the mind.
  • See a doctor and keep medications handy. If you suffer from frequent headaches, or have a chronic migraine or sinus problem, consider seeing a doctor. Keeping certain painkillers handy is also recommended. For sinus headaches¸ it might be more than necessary to take antihistamines on a regular basis, at least if the headaches become very frequent.

Check online now to find more on headaches, and find a known and reliable clinic near you, where you can get help on having a more managed treatment plan. In case your headaches get worse, make sure that you let your doctor know, and keep over the counter medicines in your regular bag.

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