The Greatest Perks of Being a Nurse

Nursing is a career that’s full of ups and downs. While it can often involve busy workdays, long shifts, and challenging situations, for the right person, it’s a career that provides far more positives than it does negatives. That is especially true if you are a naturally empathetic and giving individual. So, if you are debating whether or not to go down the nursing path, these perks might sway you.

There Are Plenty of Paths

Nursing doesn’t involve one single direction. While many nurses start as a registered nurse, there are plenty of other career paths to explore, such as nurse anesthetist, nurse administrator, nurse midwife, and nursing management. It means that no matter where your skills lie, there is a nursing career that’ll allow them to shine.

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The Chance to Earn a High Salary

It’s true – you can earn a high salary as a nurse. Even the roles that only require a bachelor’s degree, such as RNs, can expect to earn an average of $75K per year. If you are more money-focused, however, then there are other nursing roles that’ll ensure you live very comfortably. For example, certified nurse midwives can expect to earn an average of $112K per year, while family nurse practitioners can rake in $115K per year.

If you want to earn a salary on the higher end as a nurse, you’ll need to put more years into your education. Fortunately, you can do this part-time while you pursue a nursing career.

It is Respected

Every single person has benefited because of a nurse at some point or another, whether that’s because they needed their blood taking, they gave birth in a hospital, or something else. For this reason, upon learning that you are a nurse, people will have instant respect for you. Not to mention the fact that it’s a job that revolves entirely around helping those who need it the most. Gaining respect isn’t usually the reason people decide on a nursing career, but it is a nice bonus.

Nurses are in High Demand

One of the biggest concerns when entering a new career is whether or not it is in high demand. After all, you don’t want to spend four years studying for a degree, only to learn that there are no jobs available near you. Luckily, with nursing, this isn’t an issue. Due to the high population combined with the aging population, nurses are needed in abundance. So, once you’ve completed your nursing certifications, you are sure to find your ideal nursing career.

There is Never a Boring Day

Nursing is a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them. Whether you work in a hospital, school, or clinic, each day will bring something new, whether that’s an accident you’ve never seen happen before or a patient that won’t stop making you laugh with their ridiculous jokes. It is a wild ride, and while it might not always be easy, it is at least interesting.

The Healthcare Benefits

Another great perk to being a nurse is the great healthcare benefits it provides. Not only do you get a great salary, but you can also expect a good number of sick days as well as great health insurance. It’ll save you a lot of money!

The Nursing Friendships

Having friends at work is always a bonus, but it’s a must when it comes to nursing friends. After all, you don’t want to spend an entire shift tending to patients, only to have nobody to chat to when you have a moment of peace. Your nursing friends will be there for you on the good days, the bad, and everything else in between – they’ll be the kind of friends you can’t find elsewhere. It makes sense – to be a great nurse, you must have empathy, so you’ll find plenty of nursing friends with tons of kindness to go around.

The Job is Highly Satisfying

Some jobs are inherently satisfying, and nursing is certainly one of them. After all, how can you leave work dissatisfied after knowing you’ve helped improve people’s lives? Not only that, but you get to see the positive effects of your job in real-time. You might see a patient whose medication starts to work, a patient that has fully recovered from a broken bone, and a patient who finally feels mentally better after a long mental health battle. You can go home knowing that you have made a positive impact on the world, and there is nothing quite as satisfying as that.

The Flexible Hours

While nursing might involve long shifts, it also involves more flexible hours. After all, people need healthcare no matter what time of day it is – people can’t plan their medical emergencies! So, if you are in a time where you need a little more flexibility in your life, nursing can accommodate that. For example, if you’ve just started a family, you could ask for more night shifts to ensure you don’t miss too much time with your little one.

There is So Much to Learn

Most nurses learn something new every day. While you might get the majority of your education at university, there is still a lot to take in on the job. Even when you’re close to retirement, you’ll still be finding out new medical knowledge.

You Get to Improve Lives as a Career

Possibly the greatest perk to working as a nurse – and the reason many people choose it as a career in the first place – is that you get to improve people’s lives as a job. In small ways, nurses care for people medically, which is one of the most important ways you can help a person, but they also care emotionally and on a personal level.

Nursing is a diverse and exciting field. If you think you are up to the challenge, then it will provide a long and satisfying career.

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