Top 7 Qualities Of A Good Medical Logistics Company

On-demand courier services are currently available globally, with major brand names like Uber and Amazon leading the pack. Besides timely delivery, logistics companies offer the convenience of delivering goods at the doorstep when required.

But unlike other goods, medical supplies require a well-planned and efficient transport system. Healthcare facilities and diagnostic laboratories rely on medical logistics providers to deliver vaccines, specimens, body tissues, and organs. Such services require special storage and transport conditions to remain useful in saving human lives.

So, what should healthcare providers consider when looking for medical logistics services?

Below are the top 7 qualities of medical logistics companies.

Proven Experience

Reputable logistics providers should have proven experience in transporting different medical supplies. Such goods may include surgical equipment, oxygen reserves, wheelchairs, blood samples, and sometimes human body parts.

Experience is essential because medical supplies require special handling and controlled storage. For instance, blood specimens from a patient’s body may contain deadly viruses that may cause infection through body contact. Therefore, a medical logistics company transporting blood should have special containers and ideal refrigeration equipment.

Timely Delivery

Speed is critical where patients’ lives are at stake in medical emergencies like accidents. Additionally, speed is crucial if medical supplies are urgently required for use elsewhere. As a result, logistics companies for medical services should have efficient and reliable transport means that can overcome common barriers and make timely deliveries.

Advanced Tracking and Labeling

Medical logistics providers should have advanced labeling and track solutions for all supplies. Accurate labeling eliminates errors such as loss of goods and dispatching items to the wrong destination. That’s where medical dispatch software becomes necessary.

Additionally, medical couriers should use real-time tracking to monitor the transport process from one destination to another. In case of mishaps on the way, fleet managers can easily locate the cargo and take immediate action.

Wide Coverage

A good logistics company should have a wide network of destinations to deliver medical supplies. The company should have roots spread in local, regional, and international hubs to guarantee efficient deliveries. Wide network coverage will solve the problem of delayed or failed deliveries, which may lead to losses.

Well-maintained Fleet

Logistics companies rely on different modes of transport to deliver cargo. The company should have a reliable and well-maintained fleet, whether air, road, or sea. The fleet should be in good working condition, with a dedicated team of mechanics to offer service.

Professional Staff

Transporting medical equipment and sometimes patients require personnel who have a strong passion for humanity. In addition, personnel who work in medical transport should exceed their limits and ensure the comfort of the people they serve.

Therefore, a good transport provider should have a dedicated, well-trained team of drivers and transport agents who understand the nature of their duty.

Excellent Customer Service

The best medical courier companies have a friendly and well-trained customer care service team. They are always available for help when required and offer prompt solutions to their clients’ needs. They also keep open communication channels through which clients can share their concerns. Besides communication, they handle all complaints professionally and treat their clients courteously.

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