5 Ways in Which Being a Vegan Can Enhance Your Spirituality

A lot of spiritual practices are usually associated with a compassionate, non-violent, and life-affirming spirit. This is one of the major reasons veganism and vegetarianism go side by side with spirituality. It is a lifestyle associated with peace. As much as being a vegan has its own nutritional benefits, it can also help your spirituality. To understand, here are several ways that abstaining from meat can help enhance the practice.

Increased Compassion

Animals are conscious beings that have to put up with suffering when being farmed and used as food. By adopting a vegan lifestyle, you refuse to contribute to these actions that cause animal suffering. Even if you are not a farmer, and you still eat meat, in one way or another, you are contributing to more animals being harvested for food. Being a vegan means that you have learned compassion, and you choose to avoid any food products that contribute to the exploitation of animals. This includes leather products and honey.

Complements Meditation

Vegetarianism goes hand in hand with mediation. Anyone who wants to make strides in meditation should consider a vegan diet. It is a compassionate diet involving meals with the smallest amount of life destruction. A lot of great philosophers, poets, artists, writers, and other enlightened individuals were vegetarians as well. For instance, Leonardo Davinci was a vegetarian filled with compassion. Whenever he came across a caged bird, he would purchase it from the owner and set it free.  Other examples of great individuals who were vegans include Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Schweitzer, and Mahatma Gandhi.

Promotes Compassion and Care Towards Self

Plant-based diets are healthy with zero risks linked with meat products. Meat has high-fat content, which means the risks of cholesterol-related conditions are high. Besides that, there is also the possibility of being exposed to dangerous microorganisms and pathogens usually found in meat products. When you choose a vegan diet, you promote care towards yourself as you do not want to get any of these diseases. As suggested by Gale Tobin, plants, nuts, and fruits have the essential nutrients your body needs without killing any animals.

It Helps You Connect with Your Inner Essence

Spirituality is not just about discovering your inner self. It also extends to loving and caring for all other creations. It is about recognizing that all life was put on earth to coexist peacefully. When you are truly connected to your inner self, you will love and care for all living creatures despite their size. You will also understand that there is a light within each animal. When you look at life through the eyes of the soul, you see a higher being expressed in each creature. If you look at life from this angle, you will have more respect for any form of life.

Lead a Less Materialistic Lifestyle

Vegetables, fruits, soy, and legumes are generally cheaper than meat. This is one of the major benefits of being a vegan. Also, since vegetarians are usually healthier, they use less cash on healthcare. Generally, that means a vegan lifestyle is affordable, and you do not have to work as many hours to afford it. In return, you can leave a simple life that is less focused on materialism and work. You can then have more time on your hands to practice self-care, meditate, write a journal, read and enhance your spirituality.

Albert Einstein said that nothing can benefit human health and promote human survival opportunities on earth as the evolution of a vegan diet. Therefore, choose a vegan diet if you wish to enhance your spiritual life and lead a non-violent lifestyle with compassion for all creation.

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