Recognising The Symptoms When You Have Problems With Your Vision

There are some obvious warning signs when people are having problems with their vision. However, we also need to be aware of warning signs that may not be so apparent that we have a problem with our eyes. Below are some less obvious signs you may need to search for a local ophthalmologist near me and get your eyes checked out by a professional.

Your Iris Changes Colour

Your vision may seem perfectly fine, but if you notice the colour of your iris changing, you may have an underlying issue with your eyes. You could have Horner’s Syndrome, Pigmentary Glaucoma, or Fuch’s heterochromic uveitis. It could also be down to an injury to your eyes, and you will want to go to see a specialist as soon as possible.

Trouble Coping With Dark Rooms

If you are experiencing trouble with your eyes adjusting to dark rooms, it may be a sign of an underlying issue with your vision. Many people blame this on getting old as their eyes deteriorate, but it can also be linked to age-related macular degeneration or AMD.

Double Vision

If you are experiencing double vision, this can be another medical condition that you will want to see your doctor or ophthalmologist for and get checked out. There can be many causes for this condition, and it is usually not serious. However, you will still want to get it checked out. It can affect one or both of your eyes, and there is often a simple reason for it, such as a squint.

Spots In Your Field Of Vision

You may also experience spots in your field of vision, and these are also sometimes called floaters. Their cause is often age-related, and they are not often serious, although they can be annoying. However, if you suddenly experience an increase in floaters or experience light flashes, you will want to seek medical attention as this may be a sign of something more serious.

Watering Eyes

If you find that your eyes are continuously watering, it may be a sign of Keratitis, which is an inflammatory condition of the cornea. The are other symptoms of this condition which include:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Sensitivity To Light
  • A White Discharge
  • Blurred Vision

If you experience any of these, seek medical attention to help resolve the issue, usually with eye drops, creams, and potentially antibiotics.

We only get one set of eyes, and you will want to do everything you can to protect your vision. If you start experiencing unusual problems with your eyes and vision, seek medical attention straight away to ensure that it is not something serious.

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