Essential Guide On Treating Microtia With MEDPOR Ear Reconstruction

A malformed or missing external ear can impact the appearance of the child along with his/her self-confidence. Furthermore, a narrowed or non-existent ear canal can affect hearing, speech, and language processing. Before considering an apt treatment method, the parents must know what is Microtia, and its effect. Thanks to the presence of the modern ear reconstruction technique, MEDPOR,  can help restore the appearance and the functioning of the deformed ear.

Ear deformity solution lies with MEDPOR

Microtia is a congenital condition that impacts 1 in every 8000 babies born in the USA. The presence of comprehensive surgery in the form of MEDPOR addresses both inner ear canal issues, along with external ear deformity. The motive behind microtia treatment is to render solutions for cosmetic appearance and difficulties and loss of hearing from the condition known as aural atresia. Board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists along with professionally trained otologists treat aural atresia symptoms and hearing loss due to microtia.

A revolutionary ear reconstruction method

Rib cartilage reconstruction surgery is still preferred by several surgeons for treating microtia and associated problems. But, it is an old treatment method and has several limitations. One of the notable limitations refers to the surgical procedure possible only in older children (minimum 8 years old). Furthermore, it also involves multiple surgeries and some minor corrective surgeries. MEDPOR ear reconstruction technique has emerged revolutionary. It is considered the most advanced, and successful surgical treatment option for microtia.

Method of MEDPOR technique

The surgeon creates an artificial ear framework made of biocompatible, porous polyethylene matching the healthy ear of the child. Attaching the ear framework, it is covered with the live tissues of the child. It is the blood vessels and cells that integrate with the porous polyethylene and give a natural look and feel to the ear after a few days. Before considering the ear construction method, one must be aware of what Microtia is.

Advantages of MEDPOR technique

One of the highlighting benefits of the MEDPOR technique is that the child has to undergo single surgery. Furthermore, it can be performed on kids as young as three years old. This saves from humiliation and embarrassment for the kid and the family members. Henceforth, speech and language recognition won’t be an issue for the child.

The minimal scarring because of the surgery is yet another advantage of the ear reconstruction method. The discomfort is also minimal, and often parents opt for it as an outpatient procedure for their kids. The elimination of the need for hospitalization and post-operative drains makes it a convenient and cost-effective ear reconstruction surgical technique.


What is Microtia, and how can it negatively affect the life of the child and his/her family? Such questions have been studied extensively over the years. MEDPOR has emerged as a revolutionary ear reconstruction surgical method and helps microtia treatment in kids as young as three years. The single-surgery MEDPOR technique is beneficial for kids and parents alike. The motive of the microtia surgical technique is to treat hearing issues, and also reconstruct the deformed or incomplete external ear.

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