This is why autoclaving hospital equipment is essential

It is no miracle why hospital autoclaves have become a big part of the medical industry. Thanks to advantages like consistently strong performance, ease of use, and cost-efficiency, they have not only made life easier for hospital staff and management, but made inhouse conditions safer for patients. Read on to find out more about why autoclaving hospital equipment has become so essential!

Cleaning and disinfecting hospital equipment is not always enough: autoclaving guarantees sterile results

Sterile equipment is an absolute must in every hospital to avoid the spread of infections from patients to other patients (or staff) within the facility. This is a battle every medical facility must face every day. Depending on the current cases treated in the hospital, cleaning and disinfecting equipment may not be able to do the job: this is where autoclaving comes in the picture.

Autoclaving hospital equipment guarantees 100% sterilization thanks to the use of high-pressure and high-temperature steam that is capable of destroying all germs present on the surface of hospital tools and waste. Even those that would otherwise resist to heat, since the sterilization cycles of autoclaves run between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius!

The principle behind this is simple: by creating a vacuum inside their chamber with the help of a powerful pump, steam sterilizers can raise the pressure inside them alongside the boiling point of water. This is how the autoclaving of hospital equipment can be done at such high temperature!

Hospital equipment can be reused faster through quality autoclaving

Apart from being extremely effective, autoclaving hospital equipment is also a lot more practical compared to other methods like incineration. Steam sterilizers can easily be used at the site of the facility to either sterilize biomedical waste before the final disposal can take place, or to allow the reuse of surgical tools without any risk of infections spreading.

Modern steam sterilizers can handle the autoclaving of hospital equipment in cycles that last about 20 minutes depending on the load inside them. This effectiveness can be further improved through the use of electric clean steam generators, which provide a huge amount of clean steam each hour.

Not to mention that the whole operation is automatic: after loading the autoclave and the push of a few buttons, there is nothing left to do but wait for the steam sterilization process to complete! B class autoclaves (one of the most advanced types of machines on the market right now) make this even faster with shorter drying times.

Autoclaving medical equipment lends a huge helping hand to hospital staff

As the capacity of autoclave steam sterilizers ranges between 110 and 880 liters, sterilizing hospital equipment can be done a lot more easily, and make the staff’s work a lot easier and productive. Especially for facilities who need to handle a lot of patients, and thus also use a lot of medical tools each day. Furthermore, this makes the storage and transportation of biomedical waste a lot more simple, since it will already be safely sterilized onsite!


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