Itchy Eye: Understand What Might Be Causing The Problem

Maintaining eye health is essential for everyone, as experiencing pain or discomfort in the eyes significantly decreases the quality of life. Many itchy eyes are among the main complaints of patients who seek an ophthalmologist, as this symptom is uncomfortable and causes concern.

There are many reasons to feel itchy in the eye region, from external factors such as excess dust to internal factors like pathologies. Understanding the cause is essential for everyone who wants to combat this problem and have a lighter day-to-day routine.

To help you figure out what’s making your eye itchy, we’ve created this article. In it, you will see the main causative factors and their effect on eye health. Keep reading and check it out.

Why Do You Have An Itchy Eye?

Before you know what’s causing the eye a lot of itchiness, it’s essential to understand why this reaction occurs. Also called itching, this feeling that generates an urge to scratch is a response by the body to show that something is wrong.

It’s common to feel this when an eyelash enters the eye, for example, and the eye cannot expel it naturally. Although it is not a cause for concern in itself, it is necessary to be aware of this symptom and, when checking it for a long time, look for an ophthalmologist to identify the reason for the problem and start the treatment recommended by the specialist.

In addition, patients who experience a lot of itchy eyes must avoid scratching them all the time. This can further increase irritation and cause:

  • keratoconus, a disease that changes the shape of the cornea;
  • eye infections;
  • retinal detachment and
  • worsening of vision problems.

Drug Reaction

Some medications can have an itchy reaction in the eye, so if you have recently started treatment and noticed that you have this problem, talk to your doctor to see if it is possible to modify the medication.

But remember: never stop the treatment you are having on your own. This can make another illness worse and have serious health consequences. Always consult your trusted physician you can do that in institutes like Kraff eye institute for example.

As you may have noticed, many factors make the eye very itchy, and making the analysis and diagnosis at home will not be very effective. If this discomfort persists, schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist. The specialist will perform tests and indicate ways to relieve the discomfort.

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